How do I measure my girl?

The best way to measure your child is to measure them (bare-skinned) with a smooth tape measure and obtain the 1) CHEST, 2) WAIST and 3) ARMPIT TO FLOOR.

For the CHEST measurement you will take the tape measure under her arms and go directly over the bust line. Get an actual measurement- do not place your finger or give an inch- you will want to see exactly what she measures in centimeters.

For the WAIST measurement, you will want to take the tape measure and go around her right at the belly button. Some children have a slight pooch belly, so you will want to measure the widest point of where it sticks out. Most of our dresses should fall mid-calf to ankle so looking at the length measurement is important.

You always have to consider that the LENGTH measurement of a dress are from the armpit to the waist, then waist to hem line- so that is where you will want to measure. You will take the tape measure all the way down the front of her and see where it falls on the leg. This should be around mid-calf to ankle for a ballerina length. 

How do I measure my boy?

1) CHEST is measured 2 centimeters below the underarm. 2) INSEAM is measured from the crutch to the ankle. 3) WAIST is measured around the belly button. Please allow 5-10 centimeters for fitting on the chest measurements, as you have to remember that the boy will have the shirt on, and sometimes a vest on depending on the style selected and then the jacket on top of that. You must allow for easement so that they can move freely.

I have measured my child and still do not feel right about the size, can you help me decide what size to buy?

If you have measured your child and you still do not feel right about the size we are more than happy to help you find the best size. Please contact us directly during office hours or submit an email to and we will help suggest the size you need. Please note, when submitting a sizing inquiry, the information needed is: age, chest, waist, top of shoulder to floor measurement, and the wear date. Please note that the assistance you receive should be taken as a suggestion only as the child is not in front of us.


Best way to measure your child's foot size in order to get an accurate size of shoe.

Our shoes are best fitted by the size of the shoe insert. The most important rule is to measure the child's foot at the end of the day where the foot is tired and slightly swollen rather then rested after a good morning sleep.

For this purpose, prepare a clean sheet of paper, pencil, ruler. Stand your child near a wall on a blank piece of A4 paper. Place one foot onto the piece of paper that is directly butted up to the wall making sure the child's foot is securely position as far against the wall as it can. With a ruler form a barrier against the largest toe draw a line to mark the longest point of the foot.

Now, from the edge of the paper that was placed against the wall and to the line you have drawn measure the area exactly. Then add 0.5cm - 1cm to that total for a comfortable fit. Your shoe size is the end result with the additional 0.5-1cm added.

In this way, we receive the length of the inner liner of shoes we should buy.

Remember that children grow in faster rates than adults and it is not worth buying shoes too early to your event. Nothing worse then purchasing a product way in advance and having the shoes too small for the event.  The best time to purchase shoes for an event is a no more then a month in advance. This is the best time as the foot wont change that much in a month. However in saying that, don't leave the purchase to the last minute also, there may be a problem with the availability of the selected model.


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