Where are the dresses/ suits made?

Our dress collections are all 100% made in Europe. Dresses vary in fabric from exceptional muslin, satins and tulles with fine laces and embroidery work. Our suits are a wool blend. Currently we source our collections from Poland, Germany, Italy and Ukraine.

Can the dress of my choice be made in another colour, size other then what you offer on your site?

If we do not offer your child’s dress size/ suit size on our store, we are able to source out a particular size for you. We are also able to have a dress/ suit custom made to your measurements. Often we will call you to discuss the proper ways in measuring your child and take note of those measurements while speaking to you over the phone. On some occasions we are able to change colours of particular dresses especially in the ROYAL collection. Please note that custom orders require a full payment prior to processing an order. In doing so we ensure that ordering “custom made” will not be returned to our store, as they are difficult to resell.

We will, work with you in any way we can to find a dress/ suit that matches your style and colour choice.

Do I need a petticoat/ crinoline with the dresses that you sell- and how do I make the dress puffy?

Most of the dresses do require a petticoat/ crinoline. Crinolines are being sold as extra accessories. If unsure please call us about the dress of your choice and we will be able to let you know what crinoline (if any) is required for your dress. Please read “MORE INFO” sections under each product to ensure you receive the best looks out of your purchase.

All of our dresses are fully lined so there is no itchy, scratchy fabric on your child's body. You may choose to leave it as it is or choose a crinoline to "puff" it out.  The more that you play with the crinoline, the puffier the dress will become.

How do I care for my dress?

Each dress/ suit comes packaged in a “safe keeping dress bag” or a "suit bag". Should ironing be required we recommend a steamer to fold out any creases due to transportation. Also what helps is to hang the dress in a bag and allow for the creases to diminish naturally.

For cleaning we advise "Dry clean only". Please do not try to hand wash these items, we all know, it never looks the same and they will shrink and warp. Be kind to the dress and have them professionally dry cleaned so they will last for future wearing.

What are your shoes made of and what are the sizes?

Oh My! Creations shoes are beautifully crafted and made from extremely soft ecological leather on the outer and real leather on the inner. We carry a vast array of models to suit every foot type. Whether you prefer a heel or a flat or a ballerina style we carry the shoe that is right for you. It is very important that shoes are perfectly matched in size.

Please refer to the shoe size charts for accuracy in measuring your child foot. Every size has a specific size sole and to that size you will be required to measure your child's foot size. For this purpose do not measure your child's foot early in the morning when the foot is well rested. You will need to measure a foot after the overall days events, allowing for the foot to be swollen and more accurate in size.

For this purpose, prepare a clean sheet of paper, pencil and a ruler to trace the outline of the foot on the piece of paper and measure the distance between the two most protruding points.

To the resulting dimension you should add a minimum of 0.5 cm and a maximum of 1 cm towards the final size. The measurement you receive by adding the little bit extra is the measurement you should seek the shoe lining to be and the correct size shoe to purchase.

Are your items always in stock?

While we do strive to keep all of our items in stock, due to varying seasons throughout the year, our stock changes daily. If you are concerned about an item being in stock, please submit an email to as we are more than happy to check the immediate availability of any item you may be interested in. Should your item not be currently in stock please allow 3-6 weeks for stock to be imported.

Do you have FINAL SALE items?

Yes, just like a Bridal Store, the items, which are made specifically for your order, are all FINAL SALE items. We keep many of our items as FINAL SALE to keep the best quality of dresses in stock for our customers as no one wants to purchase a returned dress. Items that are on SALE are also FINAL SALE and cannot be refunded. Please seek further information on our Delivery/ Returns Page.

How long before my event should I order?

We recommend that you don’t put of your purchase too long. Allow at least 4-8 weeks for customised orders or special sizing’s to come through so that you don’t miss out on the dress for your special event.

If you find a dress that you have your heart set on, contact us to check the availability of it for your future date. Most children will not drastically change within a month or so. However, if you measure your child and you figure you will be doing alterations regardless of how far out in advance, then go ahead and check it off of your list.

Can a customer try on a dress to avoid a return?

Yes. We offer the ability to try on a dress/ suit of your choice here at our facility. Please bear in mind that this offer is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Your dress choice should already be made prior to the appointment. This would be done online. We can only allow 20-30 minutes for trying times so having your choice already made allows us to prepare your outfit for you to be tried on and fitted. We ask that you are prompt.

To receive sizing assistance, please contact with your child's measurements. Please note, when submitting a sizing inquiry, the information needed is: age, chest, waist, armpit to floor measurement, and the wear date. Please refer to SIZING CHARTS for more information.


 What company do you ship with? and do you require someone to sign for the package?

Most of our shipments are made with Australia Post, however on occasion we will use a courier or deliver the goods ourselves for local deliveries only. No, we do not require a signature unless you contact us to let us know before shipping.

How can I track the status of my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation of your tracking number, which will be emailed to the email account that you used to place the order.

My event is tomorrow! Can you get me a dress?

Yes and no. Yes, we can get the dress for you if it is available and hanging in our stock for immediate shipping. Additional rush shipping charges of $20.00 do apply to all orders being shipped the same day. This is in addition to any shipping charges. Rush charges are incurred due to our staff has to make an unscheduled arrangement to send the items. Additionally, your rush order is shipped and bumped ahead of other orders that can result in our staff working overtime to get all boxes out.

Please Note: All orders that need to go out on RUSH must be called in by 11 am EST to go out that same day. All RUSH orders that are called in for same day shipping are considered FINAL SALE.

How long before my event should I order?

We recommend that if you find a dress that you have your heart set on, to contact us to check the availability of it for your future date. Most children will not drastically change within a month or so. However, if you measure your child and you figure you will be doing alterations regardless of how far out in advance, then go ahead and check it off of your list. Keep in mind that Communion dresses sell very quickly- so don't wait too long!


How do I measure my girl?

The best way to measure your child is to measure them (bare-skinned) with a smooth tape measure and obtain the chest, waist and armpit to floor. For the CHEST MEASUREMENT you will take the tape measure under her arms and go directly over the bust line. Get an actual measurement- do not place your finger or give an inch- you will want to see exactly what she measures in centimeters.

For the WAIST MEASUREMENT, you will want to take the tape measure and go around her right at the belly button. Some children have a slight pooch belly, so you will want to measure the widest point of where it sticks out. Most of our dresses should fall mid-calf to ankle so looking at the length measurement is important.

You always have to consider that the LENGTH MEASUREMENTS of a dress are from the armpit to the hem line- so that is where you will want to measure. You will take the tape measure all the way down the front of her and see where it falls on the leg. This should be around mid-calf to ankle for a ballerina length. 

How do I measure my boy?

CHEST is measured 2 centimeters below the underarm. OUTSEAM is measured from the waist to the ankle. SLEEVE is measured shoulder to shoulder straight across the back. Imagine the point of the back where the torso meets the arms. Please allow 5-10 centimeters for fitting on the chest measurements, as you have to remember that the boy will have the shirt on, and sometimes a vest on depending on the style selected and then the jacket on top of that. You must allow for easement so that they can move freely. Additionally, just remember, these suits can be altered just like a mans garment, so keep an open mind when purchasing these types of garments when there are multiple pieces that need to fit on a growing boy!

I have measured my child and still do not feel right about the size, can you help me decide what size to buy?

If you have measured your child and you still do not feel right about the size we are more than happy to help you find the best size. Please contact us directly during office hours or submit an email to and we will help suggest the size you need. Please note, when submitting a sizing inquiry, the information needed is: age, chest, waist, top of shoulder to floor measurement, and the wear date. Please note that the assistance you receive should be taken as a suggestion only as the child is not in front of us.


Do you have a store that I can pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we are solely an online retailer in which we do not have a local store open to the public. However, if you are a local client and wish to pick up only, prior arrangements can possibly be made. We cannot accommodate walk up clients that are shopping as our staff and warehouse are not set up for this type of service.

Can you send me a catalog?

We maintain all of our pictures online. However, if there is something that you need to see more of, feel free to contact us with your request.

Can I order on-line or can I order it over the phone?

All of our orders can ONLY be carried out online due to increased site privacy and security. Placing your order online ensures that your order is immediately placed into our system for the fastest processing.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card, and PayPal. is an online payment service that's fast easy and free and best of all- takes minutes to complete the transaction. Please be aware that we do not accept cheques or cash payments upon “trying on” appointments.

How can I speak with a customer service representative?

We kindly ask that you email us with your enquiries and we will respond to them as quick as we can. However we can also be contacted via phone on 0425298086 or Internet Live Chat via our website ONLY during standard business hours.

Is your website Secure?

Yes, our website is secured. You can view our security logos at the bottom of each page on our website in which you can be assured that your transaction information is secured to provide you with the safest and most confidential resources. We take this very seriously and pay for security to insure we along with our customers are safe and secure.


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